After Installation, Matlab 2018a does not open any files

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Jan Duehrkop
Jan Duehrkop 2018년 7월 10일
댓글: eva leunissen 2019년 6월 23일
Hi. I have installed Matlab 2018a. When I start it, the following messages appears: Undefined function or variable 'mls.internal.FevalService.init'. Undefined function or variable 'connector.internal.lifecycle.callConnectorStarted'.
When I want to open .m files, the following pops up: Error using open (line 146) Undefined variable "matlab" or class "matlab.settings.internal.settings".
What is this? THX.
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Adam 2018년 7월 10일
Sounds like a problem most easily solved by contacting Mathworks directly via the Contact Us link.

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Jan 2018년 7월 10일
The installation failed. I'd try an uninstall + reinstall. If you get the same problems, download the software again. If the problem remains, contact the technical support for the free installation help.

Dr. Seis
Dr. Seis 2019년 3월 8일
Installation failure does not seem like the culprit in my case - launching R2018b from a RedHat6 Unix machine.
I get the exact same warning/error messages as OP when I try to launch this version of Matlab (from a terminal) from my main Matlab working directory. If I switch to any other directory and try to launch, then there is no issue. The other weird thing is that it is throwing warnings about various toolboxes/toolbox directories not existing - again only when launching from my "working directory" - which seem to be toolbox names that are only found inside the "toolbox_cache" for the OLD Matlab version (in my case R2011a), e.g.,
Again, once I launched Matlab R2018b from another directory things were fine. I wonder if there is something in my working directory that is pointing the newer Matlab to the wrong system/desktop/user settings??
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eva leunissen
eva leunissen 2019년 6월 23일
"Try issuing this command (save your original PATH to a .mat file if you care about wanting to be able to recreate it):
This worked for me

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