Creating loop to extract column from table in a cell within a cell?

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HC 2018년 6월 25일
편집: ans 2022년 3월 12일
I have F (1x99 cell), within F, there are 99 tables with different numbers of rows, but 3 columns. I want to extract the 3rd column of each cell. Finally, creating a long vector. How would I create a loop that does this?
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Adam 2018년 6월 25일
Do you mean actual tables or just numeric arrays?
HC 2018년 6월 25일
I meant tables, apologies.

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018년 6월 28일
Hope this example helps you get started. Suppose there is a cell array named cell_array which has 3 tables T1, T2 and T3 each with 3 columns - Name, Age, Weight. The following code snippet can be used to get the Weight column of all these tables and create a long vector "data":
for i=1:3
temp = cell_array{i}.Weight;
Hope this helps.
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ans 2022년 3월 12일
편집: ans 2022년 3월 12일
Hello! It is really helpful for a cell array with 1x4 dimension. But for my case, I have a cell array of 1x24 that has 24 tables in it. I want to create a long vector for Weight column of each 4 tables using loops. At the end, I want to get six long vector for Weight column. Thanks!

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