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Display results in GUI and real time

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Hao Shi
Hao Shi 25 Jun 2018
댓글: Dongyan Zhu 17 Jan 2020
Hello everyone, I got some data from Matlab and plotted some figures to show the relationships between some parameters and the results, for example, if I change some parameters, the results and the figures would also change. However, I want to build a GUI for this model, which could display the results in real time (step by step), and when I change some parameters in GUI, the results curves would also change accordingly and then converge at another value. Could I achieve this in Matlab? I will appreciate your any help.
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Dongyan Zhu
Dongyan Zhu 17 Jan 2020

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ES 25 Jun 2018
Completely possible. is a great staring point.
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mohan khedkar
mohan khedkar 18 Nov 2019
Hello Adam sir,I have the same problem to plot real time data in GUI.Can you please elaborate your answer,it will be very useful for,please.

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