print leading and trailing zeros into text file

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hi I have this hex values 0BA12CE0 that I want to print to a text file ,uses these commands to do that :
fileID1 = fopen('enct40.txt','wt');
but when I open the text file the leading and trailing zeros are disappear like this 'BA12CE' how can I print the results as they are without any missing values ?
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mia saam
mia saam 2017년 11월 4일
It's dec value=195112160 when I use dec2hex(195112160) the leading zero will disappear

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Cedric Wannaz
Cedric Wannaz 2017년 11월 4일
>> dec2hex(195112160, 8)
ans =
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Cedric Wannaz
Cedric Wannaz 2017년 11월 4일
My pleasure!

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