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Function not supported for code generation

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Chan KitHoe
Chan KitHoe 10 Sep 2017
댓글: Adam 11 Sep 2017
Hi everyone! I wanted to generate C code from Matlab code. However there's issue with the matlab coder as it couldn't convert 'im2col' and it says here 'im2col is not supported by code generation'. May I know how i can resolve this issue? Also, how can I make a testbench for my function? Thank you!

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Adam 11 Sep 2017
You can program your own version and run that through coder instead.

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José-Luis 10 Sep 2017
편집: José-Luis 10 Sep 2017
You can't.
It's up to the Mathworks to decide which functions to include.
You could always ask them nicely.
I don't know which version of Matlab you are using but maybe they have included it in newer releases. You'd have to check.
Otherwise you'll have to write it yourself.

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Chan KitHoe
Chan KitHoe 11 Sep 2017
Oh, I see. Then how do I run a script on Matlab which has both C code function and matlab function? (e.g - It executes C equivalent Matlab function for certain parts of the script and executes Matlab function for other part of the script.) Thank you!

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