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How to fit multiple Gaussian functions in image without using the Curve fit GUI?

Tara Prasad Mishra 님이 질문을 제출함. 29 Jun 2017
I am trying to fit multiple Gaussians in a TEM image. I want to achieve this using coding rather than the curve fitting tool.

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Answer by Massimo Zanetti on 29 Jun 2017

Hi Mishra,
here it the function you need fitgmdist.
It does fitting using Gaussian mixture model.

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Hello Massimo, I need 3D Gaussian since there is an intensity component involved with the images. Is there any method to fit multiple 3D Gaussian data?
fitgmdist is not restricted to 2 dimensions as far as I am aware
As Adam says, fitgmdist fits multi-dimensional data. In the doc page you see the input is a matrix X where rows are observations and columns are variable. Therefore, if you are dealing with 3-dimensional data, your matrix X will be size N-by-3, where N is the number of observations.

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