what is the algorithm imregdemons uses?

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OJ27 2017년 3월 8일
댓글: Zhen Yang 2020년 3월 9일
I am trying to find a paper/code/power point or some other reference.
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OJ27 2017년 3월 8일
Thanks. do you know of a similar work with matlab code? I have seen a couple of papers but have not been successful finding the implementation yet.

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu 2017년 3월 14일
You can actually see the implementation of function 'imregdemons' in MATLAB by typing the following command into MATLAB command window:
>> edit imregdemons
There are two examples of using 'imregdemons' in the following doc page for the current release R2017a:
I also found the example below which uses 'imregdemons' for image alignment:
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Zhen Yang
Zhen Yang 2020년 3월 9일
Thanks for your answer. It helps me well.

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