Reconstructing 3D point cloud from two stereo images

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Hi everyone!
I've two stereo images taken from Aquifi camera, and I want to compute the disparity and reconstruct the 3D point cloud.
I'd like to help me how to start with this. These are the object, the image taken from the master and the slave cameras.
Thanks in advance.

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Takuji Fukumoto
Takuji Fukumoto 2017년 1월 30일
This shows the workfrow to reconstruct point cloud from stereo vision
You can get disparityMap with the folloing function.
disparityMap = disparity(frameLeftGray, frameRightGray);
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Takuji Fukumoto
Takuji Fukumoto 2017년 2월 13일
I think so. Generally, if you use small window size, you can get details but also get noise. This means if you use rectangular window the matching result which is depending on direction.

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