How to find index of cell array

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Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma 2017년 1월 24일
답변: Takuji Fukumoto 2017년 1월 25일
I have a cell array of
A = [2] [4] [5] [7]
[3] [10] [1] [9]
its index is given by code
[maxval idx] = max([imp{:}])
Above code is giving
maxval = 10
index = 4
whereas I want result as index = 6 (row wise calculation)
Please help
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Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma 2017년 1월 24일
It's not working. Error shown is Error in ==> cell2mat at 84 m = cat(1,m{:});
the cyclist
the cyclist 2017년 1월 24일
Vishal, perhaps more to the point is that you are asking many extremely basic questions, but not understanding the "big picture" of how the answers relate to each other.
You will be better off learning the fundamentals of MATLAB. There are many free resources for that. For example, you could start here.
If you do not learn the fundamentals, you will forever be reliant on this forum for every tiny question.

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Takuji Fukumoto
Takuji Fukumoto 2017년 1월 25일
How about using transposition?
[maxval idx] = max([B{:}])
You can get
maxval =
idx =

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