how to plot auto correlation and cross correlation function in a single figure?

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while plotting the ACf and CCF i didnt get the negative side of Auto correlation fucntion. I am getting only positive side only.
[ACF,Lags,Bounds] = autocorr(x,nLags,nSTDs);
[XCF,Lag,Bound] = crosscorr(x,y,nLags,nSTDs);
hold on
grid on
i getting output like given figure. Help me to get the negative side of the ACF.
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vinod kumar govindu
vinod kumar govindu 2017년 1월 20일
what we have to do for getting response at negative lags also? I am new to the matlab and dsp.

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David J. Mack
David J. Mack 2017년 1월 20일
편집: David J. Mack 2017년 1월 20일
The negative autocorrelation is the same as the positive as you use the same signal for the correlation. So if you want to pretend there is a negative part:
plot([-Lags(end:-1:1) Lags],[ACF(end:-1:1) ACF]);
Greetings, David


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