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Simscape: Base excitation of a dynamic Seat-Model: No oscillation behaviour.

Asked by Obelix
on 20 Oct 2016
Latest activity Answered by Steve Miller on 3 Apr 2019
Hallo, I have build a Simscape Multibody model of a dynamic Tractor-Seat. I modelled a base excitation using a Prismatic Joint between World Frame and Bottom-Plate. The upper plate is connected to the bottomplate using a scissor-kinematic and an controlled pneumatic piston. I expect that the upper plate begins to swing when the bottom-plate starts to move. The position is messured with a transform sensor between the upper plate and the world frame. The problem is that the upper plate just moves up and down like the bottom plate. There is no oscillation of the upper plate. I have tried different spring stiffnesses and dampers. I can measure the Forces at the wheels under the upper plate but it does not move, except the movement of the excitation. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? There are some pictures so that you can get an idea what I am talking about.
Thanks! Obelix


I don't see the pictures attached. And a model would work better to understand what you are trying to do rather than pictures.

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Answer by Steve Miller on 3 Apr 2019

Hi - as mentioned, we do not see any pictures. I suspect your scissor mechanism is not properly configured, and that your upper plate and lower plate cannot move with respect to one another.
If you can share the model, we could tell you more.


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