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Why are the buttons in the "Mobile Robot Controller" App from the File Exchange not working?

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James Kristoff
James Kristoff 15 Dec 2015
댓글: Adam 15 Dec 2015
When I use the Mobile Robot Controller App from the File Exchange I get data from Gazebo in the App (e.g. the pointcloud data updates), but when I click the buttons to control the robot, nothing happens.
I have started the App, entered the correct information about my ROS network, and then clicked on the "Start Robot" button. As I said, I get the plot from the virtual turtlebot's Kinect, but when I click on the movement buttons in the App (or use my arrow keys) the robot doe not respond.

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Adam 15 Dec 2015
You should probably try asking on the file exchange page as that will go to the authors of the particular app. File exchange submissions are of vastly varying quality so the reasons for something not working could be anything from you using it in an unexpected way to it simply not being programmed correctly.
There may be people in Matlab Answers who have used that particular app though so hopefully someone can help you. Given that its author is 'MathWorks Student Competitions Team' I would assume that in this case it is not simply the case that it is full of bugs, but I wouldn't know.

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