Triangle Circle Dataset Creation

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marsmar 2022년 11월 15일
편집: DGM 2022년 11월 26일
I need to generate a triangle in matlab in the scope of 500x500 pixels. I need to generate a certain amount of images so its a dataset. The triangles either need to be at a certain angle and be either pink or purple. I have no idea what commands to use.
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marsmar 2022년 11월 25일
They can be irregular or regular! I just need one triangle per image and they just need to be within the 500x500 pixels. They can be in any position and it could vary. The background by default is white. They can be in any random color range.

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DGM 2022년 11월 16일
Until clarification, here's a crude example.
% some parameters, maybe?
szo = [500 500]; % [y x]
fgcolor = [0.7 0.3 1];
bgcolor = [0 0 0.2];
% does any of this need to be fixed? random?
% this will use a fixed radius
% but angles and center are contrained random
r = 100;
center = (szo-2*r-1).*rand(1,2)+1+r; % [y x]
angles = 0:120:240;
angles = angles + 10*rand() + 10*randn(size(angles));
angles = [angles angles(1)];
x = r*cosd(angles) + center(2);
y = r*sind(angles) + center(1);
% create a mask
mask = poly2mask(x,y,szo(1),szo(2));
% create the ouput image (no antialiasing)
outpict = repmat(permute(bgcolor,[1 3 2]),szo);
outpict = mask.*permute(fgcolor,[1 3 2]) + (1-mask).*outpict;
outpict = im2uint8(outpict);
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DGM 2022년 11월 26일
편집: DGM 2022년 11월 26일
I attached randrange(). It's just a convenience tool that I used and didn't bother removing. It's basically just one line. You could also simply just replace the one where it's used with
r = rlimits(1) + rand()*range(rlimits);

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David Hill
David Hill 2022년 11월 15일
Look at polyshape


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