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Placing 2 related GUI's

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Ciuban Sebastian
Ciuban Sebastian 11 Mar 2015
Commented: Adam 11 Mar 2015
Hello there,
Is there any way to position a GUI having as reference another GUI in Matlab?.
For example If I'm making a main GUI and after I press the pushbutton the 2nd GUI should open in a specific position having as reference the main GUI, not in a random place on the screen. Is this possible?.
I have attached an example.

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Adam 11 Mar 2015
Adam 님이 편집함. 11 Mar 2015
Launch your second gui as:
hFig2 = SecondGUI;
set( hFig2, 'Position', [x y width height] );
where [x y width height] are whatever you want them to be taken from the GUI that is launching the second GUI.
You can get the current GUI's position using it's tag as e.g.
get( hFig1, 'Position' )
If you prefer you can pass position as an argument when you launch your second GUI:
hFig2 = SecondGUI( 'Position', [x y width height] );

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Ciuban Sebastian
Ciuban Sebastian 11 Mar 2015
Your method works also. But I'm asking you the same question as I did with Image Analyst: If I move my main GUI is it possible for the 2nd GUI to remain in the same position according to the main one?
Adam 11 Mar 2015
It is probably possible...
You can add a 'PostSet' listener to your main figure's 'Position' property when you spawn the 2nd GUI. Pass the handle of the 2nd GUI into the callback. Then in the callback you can set the size of teh 2nd figure relative to that of the first. Something a bit like this, but I haven't ever tested doing this - it is just based on similar 'PostSet' listeners and callbacks I have done:
hFig2 = SecondGUI;
handles.posListener = addlistener( handles.figure1, 'Position', 'PostSet', @(src,evt) doPositionChangedCallback( handles.figure1, hFig2 ) );
function doPositionChangedCallback( hFig1, hFig2 ) )
% Code here to manipulate hFig2 'Position' based on hFig1 'Position'

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 11 Mar 2015
Try to adapt this:
% Enlarge figure to full screen.
set(gcf, 'Units', 'Normalized', 'OuterPosition', [0 0 1 1]);
The 4 numbers are x, y, width, and height, and are normalized 0 to 1 with 1 being full screen. Adjust them for each figure. Be sure to pass in the handle for each figure instead of gcf like I did.

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Ciuban Sebastian
Ciuban Sebastian 11 Mar 2015
It works. But what if I move the main GUI? It is possible for the 2nd GUI to "follow" it and remain in the same position according to the main one?

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