Is there a more efficient way to format my vector rather than manually change the code

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T = 5400;
INT = 900;
tme = 0:INT:T;
TV = [tme(1):30:tme(2)-30, tme(2):15:tme(3)-15, tme(3):12:tme(4)-12, tme(4):2.4:tme(5)-2.4, tme(5):2.1428:tme(6)-2.1428, tme(6):2.5:tme(7)-2.5];
I have this code, however is there an easier way to code this if i want to change the values for 'T' and 'INT' to any random value, for the' TV' vector to automatically update rather than me manually put tme(1), tme(2) etc for those respective values in the 'tme' vector
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Adil Saeed
Adil Saeed 2022년 8월 16일
T = 5400;
INT = 900;
tme = 0:INT:T;
%Number of Positions and Impacts
Pn = 1320;
In = [30, 60, 75, 375, 420, 360];
TV = [tme(1):INT/In(1):tme(2)-INT/In(1), tme(2):INT/In(2):tme(3)-INT/In(2), tme(3):INT/In(3):tme(4)-INT/In(3), tme(4):INT/In(4):tme(5)-INT/In(4),...
tme(5):INT/In(5):tme(6)-INT/In(5), tme(6):INT/In(6):tme(7)-INT/In(6)];
I want to change 'T', 'INT' and 'In'. The number of values in 'In' should be equal to T/INT. So if we did change T = 5000; INT = 500; and the number of values in In = 10, these values can be random however summed should equal 'Pn', how can that 'TV' vector change automatically to cater this change or how can we combine these condition to produce the 'TV' vector

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David Hill
David Hill 2022년 8월 16일
TV =@(tme) [tme(1):30:tme(2)-30, tme(2):15:tme(3)-15, tme(3):12:tme(4)-12,...
tme(4):2.4:tme(5)-2.4, tme(5):2.1428:tme(6)-2.1428, tme(6):2.5:tme(7)-2.5];
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