how do i store mutiple txt files into a 3d matrix

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tina 2022년 8월 10일
편집: Stephen23 2022년 8월 16일
im a highschool student whos very new to matlab and ive been assighned this task to store 3000 text files into one 3d matrix using the for loop command. I have no idea what im doing so any help is much appreciated!
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Stephen23 2022년 8월 16일
편집: Stephen23 2022년 8월 16일
@tina: you changed the original indexing into a 1, which is why you only store the first frame.
N = 3000;
M = nan(156,207,N);
for ii = 1:N
F = sprintf('frames_%d.txt',ii-1);
M(:,:,ii) = readmatrix(F);
end % ^^ compare this indexing

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David Hill
David Hill 2022년 8월 16일
for i = 1:3000
Matrix(:,:,i)=readmatrix(['frames_' num2str(i-1) '.txt']);

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