Simscape Mechanics Explorer save Cameras in Camera Manager

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I have a simscape model (2021b) in a MATLAB project and use Mechanics Explorer to visualise the system during simulations. To aid with this I create waypoint and tracking cameras using Tools -> Camera Manager however I have to redefine them each time I open the project.
Is it possible to either:
1) Save the camera configurations so that they are defined each time the project is opened?
2) Programmatically generate cameras in Camera Manager so that I don't have to manualy create them each day.
Many thanks,

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 7월 18일
Hi Joe - you need to save the settings to the model and then save the model.
  1. Define your settings (cameras, etc.)
  2. Press this button on the toolstrip for the Mechanics Explorer
Then make sure you save the model.

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