How to Calibrate MPU6050 sensor using MATLAB?

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Haris Bin Yousaf
Haris Bin Yousaf 2022년 2월 27일
편집: Walter Roberson 2022년 9월 8일
I need to know is there any command to calibrate my MPU6050 sensor? Because from one video on youtube the person used "readCalibrationstatus()" this command for his 9-axis BNO055 sensor. Also I want to know how to apply complimentary filter on the angular velocity matrix in below code:
clear all
%Setting up Arduino and making object
ard = arduino
%Setting up IMU Sensor and making object
my_sens = mpu6050(ard)
%Capturing IMU Data
imu_read = read(my_sens) %Collecting data from IMU Sensor
imu_matrix = imu_read{:,:} %Converting data into matrix form
imu_mean = mean(imu_matrix) %Computes mean of 10 sample values for each column
%Tabulating mean data for one instance (@10 smaples)
imu_table = array2table(imu_mean, 'VariableNames', {'Acc_x','Acc_y','Acc_z','Gyro_x','Gyro_y','Gyro_z'})
%Printing Accelration Values
acc_x = imu_mean(:,1);
acc_y = imu_mean(:,2);
acc_z = imu_mean(:,3);
%Creating Accelration Matrix
accelration_matrix = [acc_x, acc_y, acc_z]
%Printing Angular Velocity Values
angvel_x_rad = imu_mean(:,4);
angvel_y_rad = imu_mean(:,5);
angvel_z_rad = imu_mean(:,6);
%Creating Angular Velocity Matrix
angvel_matrix = [angvel_x_rad, angvel_y_rad, angvel_z_rad]
Now i am stuck after this.Its just I collected raw data from the sensor and put them in matrix. Also I need calibration for my sensor. Please help.
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Haris Bin Yousaf
Haris Bin Yousaf 2022년 3월 2일
Thank u Sir Walter Roberson for the response, yeah i also observed this and I think my device doesnot support auto-callibration function for MATLAB. I think I have to do calculations manually and then fuse the data together.
Noor Amira Ilyanie
Noor Amira Ilyanie 2022년 9월 8일
Haris, if you dont mind can you share how you calculate it?

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2022년 3월 1일
The below link contains an example of using Complementary filter with MPU-9250 sensor
Hope this helps.

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