simulink error loading simscape multibody file in another computer

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I carried out the process of exporting a CAD model to matlab through the smimport command for simscape multibody, which generates several files, including one with the name '..._ DataFile.m'.When I go to open the generated simscape model on another computer, I get the error that it does not find the document '..._ DataFile.m', with the entire path of the first computer, which obviously does not match the current one. Is there any way to fix this error or update the new path of said document? . thanks for your help.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022년 2월 18일
This can be fixed by going to the Model Workspace of the Simulink model and removing the path. As long as MATLAB can find the file anywhere on its path, the model will run.
Here is where you find the setting in R2021b
Here is the field where you make the adjustment.

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Edwin Alonso González Querubín
Many thanks Steve for your help. It worked!


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