Change MATLAB .mlx Live Script background and font colors

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How can I customise the background and font colors for viewing .mlx files within the MATLAB IDE?
I'm wanting to work from a series of .mlx files and have customised the color settings for the rest of the IDE frames, e.g. command window.
These settings do not translate to viewing the .mlx file.

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Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai 2022년 4월 12일
As of R2022a, you can now configure live editor's background and foreground colors.
See more info:
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Jacky Tsai
Jacky Tsai 2022년 11월 4일 3:22
@Brook Dawit, you can update the font settings for Live Editor using MATLAB settings. Here is the documentation page:

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov 2021년 8월 18일
You can make some good changes via preferences, e.g.:
>> preferences
MATLAB -> Editor/Debugger -->Display ...
MATLAB -> Fonts --> Custom ...
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Peter Crowe
Peter Crowe 2021년 8월 18일
편집: Peter Crowe 2021년 8월 18일
Those settings don't appear to have an affect when viewing .mlx files

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