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Spring Damper system cancelling the rigid transform?!

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Leutrim 20 May 2014
답변: Steve Miller 3 Apr 2019
Hi everyone,
Does anyone of you know what might be the problem that while i use the spring-damper in between two frames, it somehow cancels the rigid transform between these two frames? I tried to set the natural length of the spring equal to the distance between these two frames but still the same problem persists. I am using the second generation of simMechanics.
Thank you in advance!

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Chuck Saunders
Chuck Saunders 27 May 2016
I have the same problem. Disheartening to see no views, no answer, two years later.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 3 Apr 2019
Hi - without the model, it is hard to give you a specific answer.
A rigid transform is a rigid connection between two frames. If your spring damper is in parallel with the rigid transform, it will have no effect, as those two points are rigidly connected.

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