to find rise time, settling time, overshoot, steady-state error by a model generated in Simulink ?

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I see that in matlab, to find out rise time or settling time of a control system, just need to use step command, and right-mouse on the graph, characteristics/rise time. But I do not know how we do it in Simulink ?

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Jonathan LeSage
Jonathan LeSage 2013년 11월 7일
I am assuming that you're already providing a step input to your Simulink model via the 'Generate step function' block. If you're using a scope block in Simulink to view the results, you can set that block to save the simulation to the MATLAB workspace as an array.
From there, you can simply feed the simulation results into stepinfo. If you check the documentation file, you see that the stepinfo function returns everything that you're looking for!
Hope this helps to get you started!
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Nguyen 2013년 11월 7일
I fed the simulation results into stepinfo, but it didnot return anything, the return like: ans= 2x1 struct array with fields: settling time settlingMin settlingMax Overshoot ....... It didnot return any value of time. You said I've got to check the documentation file, you mean double click on the file in the workspace that saved the simulation ?

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