how to update the value of a transfer function block during run time of simulation

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Example MY transfer function block contains (-kps-ki)/s. Here i need to update the value of kp and ki based on the input(U) to this block. (or) if U < x (some value) need to set kp=0;ki=y else need to set kp=z;ki=0;
Thanks in advance, Raghu.

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Jonathan LeSage
Jonathan LeSage 2013년 11월 4일
Here is a link to some documentation that details several different methods in Simulink to achieve what you're looking for:
The most straightforward method is likely option (3). You can construct the transfer function models via fundamental Simulink blocks with your 'Kp' and 'Ki' values as inputs. You can changes these values according to the necessary logic that you describe above.
Hope this helps to get you started!

Divyaansh Singh
Divyaansh Singh 2019년 12월 20일
My transfer function block is not updating whe i try to change the values , it give sproper result whatsoever . but i am not able to see changes in the block . All it does is converts to num(s)/den(s).Dobut.JPG


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