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Recompose wavelet packet


T = wpjoin(T,N)
[T,X] = wpjoin(T,N)
T = wpjoin(T)
T = wpjoin(T,0)
[T,X] = wpjoin(T)
[T,X] = wpjoin(T,0)


wpjoin is a one- or two-dimensional wavelet packet analysis function.

wpjoin updates the wavelet packet tree after the recomposition of a node.

The nodes are numbered from left to right and from top to bottom. The root index is 0.

T = wpjoin(T,N) returns the modified wavelet packet tree T corresponding to a recomposition of the node N.

[T,X] = wpjoin(T,N) also returns the coefficients of the node.

T = wpjoin(T) is equivalent to T = wpjoin(T,0).

[T,X] = wpjoin(T) is equivalent to [T,X] = wpjoin(T,0).


% The current extension mode is zero-padding (see dwtmode).

% Load signal. 
load noisdopp; x = noisdopp;

% Decompose x at depth 3 with db1 wavelet packets. 
wpt = wpdec(x,3,'db1');

% Plot wavelet packet tree wpt. 

% Recompose packet (1,1) or 2 
wpt = wpjoin(wpt,[1 1]);

% Plot wavelet packet tree wpt. 

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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