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Add component to an architecture model


Use a Component block to represent a structural or behavioral element at any level of an architecture model hierarchy. Add ports to the block for connecting to other components. Define an interface for the ports and add properties using stereotypes.

To add or connect System Composer™ components:

  • Add an architecture Component from the Modeling tab or the palette. You can also click and drag a box on the canvas, selecting the Component option once complete.

  • Add a port by selecting an edge of the component and choosing a direction from the menu: Input or Output

  • Click and drag the port to create a connection. Connect to another component, or have the option of creating a new component to complete the connection.

  • To connect the architecture Component blocks to architecture or composition model root ports, drag from the component ports to the containing model boundary. When you release the connection, a root port is created at the boundary.



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If you connect to a source component, the interfaces on the ports are shared.


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If you connect to a destination component, the interfaces on the ports are shared.

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Introduced in R2019a