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다른 시스템을 활성화하는 트리거 생성

이벤트를 사용하여 Stateflow® 차트 또는 다른 Simulink® 서브시스템 내에서 동작을 트리거합니다. Simulink 모델의 다른 차트에 이벤트를 전송하여 외부 동작을 트리거합니다. 스케줄 편집기로 이벤트를 전송하여 비주기적 파티션 실행을 스케줄링하는 방법에 대한 자세한 내용은 Events in Schedule Editor (Simulink) 항목을 참조하십시오.


Sequence ViewerDisplay messages, events, states, transitions, and functions between blocks during simulation

Stateflow 구문

모두 확장

이벤트 생성

changeGenerate implicit event when data changes value
enterGenerate implicit event when state becomes active
exitGenerate implicit event when state becomes inactive
sendBroadcast message or event

이벤트 기반 시간 논리

afterExecute chart after event broadcast or specified time
atExecute chart at event broadcast or specified time
beforeExecute chart before event broadcast or specified time
countChart executions during which condition is valid
everyExecute chart at regular intervals
temporalCountNumber of events, chart executions, or time since state became active

도움말 항목

Synchronize Model Components by Broadcasting Events

Use events to communicate with Simulink and MATLAB®.

Resolve Symbols Through the Symbols Pane

Set Properties for an Event

Specify event properties by using the Property Inspector or the Model Explorer.

Activate a Stateflow Chart by Sending Input Events

Broadcast edge triggers and function calls as input events.

Control States in Charts Enabled by Function-Call Input Events

Set the behavior of states when a function-call input event reenables a chart.

Activate a Simulink Block by Sending Output Events

Broadcast edge triggers and function calls as output events.

Control Function-Call Subsystems by Using bind Actions

Bind a function-call output event to the activity of a state.

Broadcast Local Events to Synchronize Parallel States

Communicate between parallel (AND) states by making directed event broadcasts.

Control Chart Behavior by Using Implicit Events

Trigger chart actions by changes in data values and state activity.

Use the Sequence Viewer to Visualize Messages, Events, and Entities

View the interchange of messages, events, and functions through the Sequence Viewer block.

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