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버스 신호

대규모 데이터 구조체 관리

Stateflow® 차트, 진리표 및 MATLAB® 함수 블록에서 데이터를 묶고 Simulink® 버스 신호에 액세스하기 위한 구조체를 생성합니다. Stateflow 차트에 통합할 수 있도록 C 코드로 사용자 지정 구조체를 정의합니다.

도움말 항목

Access Bus Signals Through Stateflow Structures

Define Stateflow structures for input, output, and local access to bus signals.

Index and Assign Values to Stateflow Structures

This example shows how to access and modify the contents of a Stateflow® structure or an array of Stateflow structures.

Access Simulink Bus Signals in MATLAB Functions

This example shows how to read from and write to Simulink® bus signals in a MATLAB® function by using MATLAB and Stateflow® structures.

Add Stateflow Data

Define the data that a chart stores internally in its own workspace.

Identify Data by Using Dot Notation

Specify data by its location in the chart hierarchy.

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