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Device and system examples for electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power system applications

Explore Simscape™ Electrical™ examples that illustrate modeling, control, and simulation of electronic, mechatronic, and power devices and systems for specific industries and applications.


  • Simscape Examples on GitHub
    Explore large examples of multi-domain systems on GitHub
    Model interfaces between microcontrollers and physical systems and convert signals between analog and digital
  • Amplifiers
    Implement different types of amplifiers using Simscape Electrical circuitry
  • Communications
    Implement different models for data transmission
  • Converters (High power)
    Converters for high power applications (higher than 48 V)
  • Converters (Low power)
    Converters (such as DC-DC, chopper, buck and boost converters) for low power applications (lower than 48 V)
  • Device Characteristics Assessment
    Explore the impact of parameter choices on the characteristics of multiple devices
  • Electric Drives
    Asynchronous, synchronous, switched reluctance machines and controls
  • Energy Storage
    Use batteries and capacitors to store energy
  • Filters
    Remove or enhance frequency components using signal processing filters
  • Logic
    Perform and implement logical operations using Simscape Electrical logic components
  • Oscillators
    Produce periodic, oscillating electronic signals by implementing oscillators
  • Power Grids
    Power system networks and loadflow and harmonic analysis
  • Renewable Energy
    Create models of photovoltaic or wind systems and generators
  • Robotics and Actuation Systems
    Learn how to control motors, compare their characteristics and develop electric actuators
  • Thermal Modeling and Management
    Model and manage thermal dependency and networks
  • Vehicle Systems
    Implement machines and controls for automotive, marine and aerospace systems