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Update Simulink Model and Validate Design

This example shows how to update compensator blocks in a Simulink® model and validate a control system design.

To tune a control system for a nonlinear Simulink model, Control System Designer linearizes the system. Therefore, it is good practice to validate your tuned control system in Simulink.

  1. Tune your control system using Control System Designer.

    For an example, see Design Compensator Using Automated PID Tuning and Graphical Bode Design.

  2. Ensure that the control system satisfies the design requirements.

    In Control System Designer, analyze the controller design. For more information, see Analyze Designs Using Response Plots.

  3. Write tuned compensator parameters to your Simulink model.

    In Control System Designer, on the Control System tab, click Update Blocks.

  4. Simulate the updated model.

    In the Simulink model window, click .

  5. Verify whether your compensator satisfies the design requirements when simulated with your nonlinear Simulink model.

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