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Highlight linearization path in Simulink model



highlight(advisor) highlights the blocks on the linearization path for the model linearization associated with a LinearizationAdvisor object. The software identifies blocks that are on or off the linearization path. Also, for blocks that are on the linearization path, the software indicates whether they contribute to the linearization result.


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Load Simulink model.

mdl = 'scdspeed';

Linearize the model and obtain the LinearizationAdvisor object.

opts = linearizeOptions('StoreAdvisor',true);
io(1) = linio('scdspeed/throttle (degrees)',1,'input');
io(2) = linio('scdspeed/rad//s to rpm',1,'output');
[sys,op,info] = linearize(mdl,io,opts);
advisor = info.Advisor;

Highlight the linearization path.




The Simulink model is highlighted as follows:

  • Blue blocks are on the linearization path and contribute to the model linearization.

  • Red blocks are on the linearization path and do not contribute to the model linearization.

  • Gray blocks are not on the linearization path.

Input Arguments

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Diagnostic information for block linearizations, specified as a LinearizationAdvisor object.

More About

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Linearization Path

A block is on the linearization path if there is a signal path from at least one linearization input to at least one linearization output that passes through the block.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b