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Navigate Using the Web Viewer

Display and Navigation

Most of the navigation features for the Web Viewer are the same as for the Simulink® 3D Animation™ Viewer and the 3D World Editor Virtual world display pane. For details about Simulink 3D Animation Viewer navigation, see Navigate Using the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer.

Some differences between the two viewers include:

  • The Web Viewer does not include a menu bar.

  • For virtual worlds with undefined background colors, the Web Viewer uses the default canvas color of the browser; the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer uses a black background.

The supported navigation features depend on what web browser you use. For example, when R2013b was released, Firefox® was the only supported web browser that supports context menu options that are specific to Simulink 3D Animation, such as viewpoints options.

To determine whether the HTML5-enabled browser that you want to use supports WebGL (Web Graphics Library), see

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation FunctionKeyboard Shortcut

Straighten up and make the camera stand on the horizontal plane of its local coordinates.


Toggle the headlight on and off.


Toggle the navigation zones on and off.


Go to default viewpoint.


Return to current viewpoint.


Go to previous viewpoint.

Page Up

Go to next viewpoint.

Page Down

Set the navigation method to Walk.


Set the navigation method to Examine.


Set the navigation method to Fly.


Move the camera forward and backward.

Shift Up/Down Arrow

Pan the camera up and down.

Up/Down Arrow

Pan the camera right and left.

Left/Right Arrow, Shift+Left/Right Arrow

Tilt the camera right and left.

Shift+Alt+Left/ Right Arrow

Slide up and down.

Alt+Up/Down Arrow

Slide left and right.

Alt+Left/Right Arrow

Set pivot point


Orbit around selected item (pivot point)

Ctrl+Left/Right/Up/Down Arrow

Turn interactive mode on or off


Set navigation mode to none


Cycle through navigation speed presets


Show or hide information panel


Show or hide status bar


Show or hide rendering information panel


Cycle through navigation panel modes


Web Viewer Preferences

The following Simulink 3D Animation preferences apply to the Web Viewer, and to the 3D World Editor.

  • Canvas > Navigation panel

  • Figure > Appearance > Status bar

  • Figure > Appearance > Navigation zones

To access the preferences, from the MATLAB® Toolstrip, in the Home tab, in the Environment section, select Preferences > Simulink 3D Animation.

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