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Simulink 3D Animation

Simulate and visualize dynamic systems in a 3D environment

Simulink® 3D Animation™ connects Simulink models and MATLAB® algorithms to Unreal Engine®, allowing simulation and visualization of dynamic systems in a photorealistic 3D environment. You can use pre-built scenes of indoor and outdoor environments or import scenes built in RoadRunner. Simulink 3D Animation lets you import objects at run-time or edit-time with support for file formats such as MAT, STL, FBX, and URDF. You can control vehicles, people, objects, lighting, and weather effects to customize your 3D scenes and simulations.

Camera, lidar, and other sensor models let you feed sensor data from the 3D environment into your control algorithms or generate synthetic data to design and train AI algorithms. MATLAB and Simulink add-on products are available for additional domain-specific assets and advanced sensor models. You can interactively navigate in the 3D environment using the Simulation 3D Viewer and manually control your dynamic systems using hardware devices. Simulink 3D Animation enables lock-step co-simulation with the game engine environment, providing deterministic simulation results.

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Use Simulink 3D Animation and other MathWorks® products for specific industries and applications

3D Environment

Create, view, and interact with a 3D environment; configure prebuilt scenes and scenarios; co-simulate with Unreal Engine


Build, import, and interact with actors in 3D environment; access Unreal Engine features


Enable depth perception and spatial understanding of 3D environment; generate camera, radar, and lidar data

Classic Virtual Reality World

Visualize dynamic system behavior in a virtual reality world using VRML format