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(Not recommended) Extract signal data from ModelDataLogs, SubsysDataLogs, or TSArray object into workspace variables

    The ability to log and load data using the ModelDataLogs format has been removed. Use another supported format, such as Dataset format, instead. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations.


    unpack(logs) extracts the top-level contents of the data logging object logs into one or more workspace variables.

    unpack(logs,opt) extracts the contents specified by opt from the data logging object logs into one or more workspace variables.

    Input Arguments

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    Object from which to extract logged data, specified as a Simulink.ModelDataLogs object, a Simulink.SubsysDataLogs object, or a Simulink.TSArray object.

    Logged data to unpack into workspace, specified as 'systems' or 'all'.

    • 'systems' — Extract Simulink.Timeseries and Simulink.TSArray objects from Simulink.ModelDataLogs or Simulink.SubsysDataLogs object. Simulink.Timeseries objects are not extracted from Simulink.TSArray objects, and intermediate Simulink.ModelDataLogs and Simulink.SubsysDataLogs objects are not extracted to the workspace.

    • 'all' — Extract Simulink.Timeseries objects from all Simulink.ModelDataLogs, Simulink.SubsysDataLogs, and Simulink.TSArray objects.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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