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Physical Modeling

Model physical systems using Simscape™software

To model physical systems in the Simulink® environment, consider using Simscape software.

Simscape extends Simulink with tools for modeling systems spanning mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and other physical domains as physical networks. It provides fundamental building blocks from these domains to let you create models of custom components. The MATLAB® based Simscape language enables text-based authoring of physical modeling components, domains, and libraries.


Basic Principles of Modeling Physical Networks (Simscape)

Describes concepts behind the Physical Network approach, Through and Across variables, and physical connections.

Essential Steps for Constructing a Physical Model (Simscape)

This example contains the basic workflow and detailed instructions for building and simulating a simple physical model.

Essential Physical Modeling Techniques (Simscape)

Brief summary of physical modeling rules and techniques.

Modeling Best Practices (Simscape)

How to use best practices in your model architecture to avoid numerical simulation issues.

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