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Electrical Elements

인덕터, 다이오드, 커패시터와 같은 전기 구성요소

이 라이브러리에는 전기 도메인의 기본 요소 및 구성요소가 포함되어 있습니다.

Simscape 블록

CapacitorLinear capacitor in electrical systems
DiodePiecewise linear diode in electrical systems
Electrical Reference전기 접지에 연결
Floating ReferenceReference for measuring voltage of other nodes in floating electrical network (R2023b 이후)
GyratorIdeal gyrator in electrical systems
Ideal TransformerIdeal transformer in electrical systems
InductorLinear inductor in electrical systems
Infinite ResistanceElectrical element for setting initial voltage difference between two nodes
MemristorIdeal memristor with nonlinear dopant drift approach
Mutual InductorMutual inductor in electrical systems
Op-AmpIdeal operational amplifier
Open CircuitElectrical port terminator that draws no current
ResistorLinear resistor in electrical systems
Rotational Electromechanical ConverterInterface between electrical and mechanical rotational domains
SwitchSwitch controlled by external physical signal
Thermal ResistorResistor with thermal port
Translational Electromechanical ConverterInterface between electrical and mechanical translational domains
Variable ResistorLinear variable resistor in electrical systems