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복합 컴포넌트

여러 컴포넌트를 연결하여 사용자 지정 컴포넌트 생성

복합 컴포넌트는 여러 다른 컴포넌트로 생성됩니다. 복합컴포넌트를 만들려면 멤버(구성원) 컴포넌트의 이름을 나열하고, 그런 다음 멤버 컴포넌트의 포트가 서로 연결되고 복합 컴포넌트의 외부 포트에 연결되는 방법을 지정해야 합니다. 또한 복합 컴포넌트의 블록 대화 상자에 표시할(따라서 조정 가능하게 할) 멤버 컴포넌트의 파라미터를 지정할 수 있습니다.

언어 구문

componentsDeclare member components included in composite component
connectConnect two or more component ports of the same type
connectionsDefine connections for member component ports in composite component
importImport model classes


subsystem2sscConvert subsystem containing Simscape blocks into equivalent Simscape file or files

도움말 항목

복합 컴포넌트를 만들기 위한 기본 기법

컴포넌트 변형

컴포넌트 배열

  • Component Arrays
    Use parametric-sized arrays of member components in composite components.
  • Segmented Pipeline Using Component Array
    This example shows how you can model a segmented pipeline using an array of identical pipe segments, connected in series. The size of the array corresponds to the number of segments, and the block user can modify this parameter.
  • Segmented Pipeline with Different Pipe Lengths Using Component Array
    This example shows how you can model a segmented pipeline with segments of different lengths, connected in series, using an array of components. The block user provides the lengths of individual pipe segments, and the model automatically determines the size of the array based on that data.
  • Case Study — Battery Pack with Fault Using Arrays
    This case study shows how you can use component arrays to model a battery pack consisting of multiple series-connected cells. It also shows how you can introduce a fault into one of the cells to see the impact on battery performance and cell temperatures. The block user can modify both the number of cells and the position of the faulted cell as block parameters.
  • Arrays of Nodes
    Use parametric-sized arrays of nodes to specify element-wise connections between arrays of components.
  • Using MATLAB Functions with Arrays of Components and Nodes
    Use array manipulation and query functions on an object array.