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Release Notes

New features and changes for each release of MATLAB® Grader™

Features and Changes for March 2019:

  • IMS LTI 1.1 Certification

    MATLAB Grader is now LTI 1.1 Certified, and has been vetted for privacy and security according as part of IMS Global’s App Vetting Program. For more information, refer to the MathWorks IMS Certification profile.

  • New Problem Collections

    Two new problem collections have been added to the problem chooser for all instructor-role users. Symbolic Math Toolbox™ (10 problems) and Calculus I (10 problems). This content is available only to verified instructors.

  • Accessibility Improvements

    Multiple accessibility improvements have been made to learner interfaces, including additional keyboard and screen reader support.


February 2019

New and updated features for MATLAB Grader

July 2018

Introducing the new MATLAB Grader for course and problem authoring, and integrating with a Learning Management System (LMS)