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Add LOAM points to map

Since R2022b



    addPoints(loamMap,points,absPose) adds the specified LOAM points to the lidar odometry and mapping (LOAM) map. The function uses the absolute pose to align the new points to the existing map.

    addPoints ensures that each voxel has no more than one edge point and one surface point. The voxel size is specified by the VoxelSize property of loamMap.


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    Create a LOAM map to store LOAM feature points.

    voxelSize = 0.5;
    loamMap = pcmaploam(voxelSize);

    Load point cloud data into the workspace.

    ld = load("drivingLidarPoints.mat");

    Detect LOAM feature points.

    points = detectLOAMFeatures(ld.ptCloud);

    Add the LOAM points to the map.

    absPose = rigidtform3d;

    Visualize the points in the LOAM map.


    Input Arguments

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    LOAM map, specified as a pcmaploam object.

    LOAM points, specified as a LOAMPoints object.

    Absolute pose, specified as a rigidtform3d object. The object function uses the absolute pose to align the new points to the existing map.

    When the map size, specified by the MapSize property of the pcmaploam object loamMap, limits the size of the LOAM map, the addPoints object function updates the XLimits, YLimits, and ZLimits properties of loamMap to reflect the LOAM points it contains. The function uses the center of the map, which is defined by absPose, to update the properties.

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    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b

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