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Get status of Hokuyo 2-D lidar sensor parameter

Since R2024a



status = getStatus(hokuyoObj,param) gets the status of the specified parameter param of the Hokuyo™ 2-D lidar sensor associated with the hokuyolidar2d object hokuyoObj.


This feature requires the Lidar Toolbox™ Support Package for Hokuyo Lidar Sensors. You can install the support package from the Add-On Explorer. For more information, see Download and Install Lidar Toolbox Support Package for Hokuyo Lidar Sensors.


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Create a hokuyolidar2d object.

hokuyoObj = hokuyolidar2d;

Get the current motor speed of the Hokuyo sensor by using the getStatus function.

status = getStatus(hokuyoObj,"CurrentMotorSpeed")
status =


Input Arguments

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Hokuyo lidar sensor connection, specified as a hokuyolidar2d object.

Hokuyo lidar sensor parameter, specified as one of these values:

  • "CurrentMotorSpeed" — Get the current motor speed.

  • "LaserIlluminationState" — Check if laser illumination is on or off.

  • "MeasurementMode" — Get the measurement mode of the sensor.

  • "SensorDiagnostic" — Check if sensor is working normally.

Output Arguments

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Current status of the specified sensor parameter, returned as a positive scalar or string scalar. The specified param value determines what the function returns.

Specified param ValueStatus
"CurrentMotorSpeed"Current motor speed of the sensor in revolutions per minute (rpm), returned as a positive scalar.
"LaserIlluminationState"State of laser illumination, returned as "ON" or "OFF".
"MeasurementMode"Measurement mode of the sensor, returned as a string scalar.
"SensorDiagnostic"Sensor diagnostic state, returned as a string scalar that indicates whether the sensor is working normally or not.

Version History

Introduced in R2024a