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Read Multiple Images from a Single Graphics File

This example shows how to read multiple images from a single graphics file. Some graphics file formats allow you to store multiple images. You can read these images using format-specific parameters with imread. By default, imread imports only the first image in the file.

Preallocate a 4-D array to hold the images to be read from a file.

mri = zeros([128 128 1 27],'uint8');

Read the images from the file, using a loop to read each image sequentially.

for frame=1:27
    [mri(:,:,:,frame),map] = imread('mri.tif',frame);
  Name         Size                   Bytes  Class     Attributes

  frame        1x1                        8  double              
  map        256x3                     6144  double              
  mri        128x128x1x27            442368  uint8               

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