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ruleedit(fileName) opens the Rule Editor for the FIS stored in the file, fileName. Specify fileName as a character vector or string with or without the .fis extension. You can use the Rule Editor to view or modify the rules of an FIS.

To use this editor to create rules, you must first define all of the input and output variables you want to use with the FIS Editor. You can create the rules using the drop-down and check box choices for input and output variables, connections, and weights. Refer to The Rule Editor for more information about how to use ruleedit.

ruleedit(fis) operates on a mamfis or sugfis object, fis.

Menu Items

In the Rule Editor, there is a menu bar that allows you to open related UI tools, open and save systems, and so on. The File menu for the Rule Editor is the same as the one found Fuzzy Logic Designer:

  • Use the following Edit menu item:

    Undo to undo the most recent change.

    FIS properties to open the Fuzzy Logic Designer.

    Membership functions to invoke the Membership Function Editor.

  • Use the following View menu items:

    Rules to invoke the Rule Viewer.

    Surface to invoke the Surface Viewer.

  • Use the Options menu items:

    Language to select the language: English, Deutsch, and Francais

    Format to select the format:

    Verbose uses the words "if," "then," "AND," "OR," and so on to create actual sentences.

    Symbolic substitutes some symbols for the words used in the verbose mode. For example, “if A AND B then C" becomes "A & B => C."

    Indexed mirrors how the rule is stored in the FIS object.

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2018b

Introduced before R2006a