Open Membership Function Editor




mfedit(fileName) generates a membership function editor that allows you to inspect and modify all the membership functions for the FIS stored in the file, fileName. Specify fileName as a character vector or string with or without the .fis extension.

mfedit(fis) operates on a mamfis or sugfis object, fis.

mfedit opens the membership function editor with no FIS loaded.

For each membership function you can change the name, the type, and the parameters. Eleven built-in membership functions are provided for you to choose from, although of course you can always create your own specialized versions. Refer to The Membership Function Editor for more information about how to use mfedit.

Select the icon for the variable on the upper left side of the diagram (under FIS Variables) to display its associated membership functions in the plot region. Select membership functions by clicking once on them or their labels.

Menu Items

In the Membership Function Editor, there is a menu bar that allows you to open related UI tools, open and save systems, and so on. The File menu for the Membership Function Editor is the same as the one found in the Fuzzy Logic Designer.

  • Under Edit, select:

    Undo to undo the most recent change.

    Add MFs to add membership functions to the current variable.

    Add Custom MF to add a customized membership function to the current variable.

    Remove Selected MF to delete the current membership function.

    Remove All MFs to delete all membership functions of the current variable.

    FIS properties to open the Fuzzy Logic Designer.

    Rules to invoke the Rule Editor.

  • Under View, select:

    Rules to invoke the Rule Viewer.

    Surface to invoke the Surface Viewer.

Membership Function Pop-up Menu

There are 11 built-in membership functions to choose from, and you also have the option of installing a customized membership function.

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2018b

Introduced before R2006a