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Cascade of filter system objects


FC = cascade(obj1,obj2,...objn)



FC = cascade(obj1,obj2,...objn) returns an object, FC, of type dsp.FilterCascade. FC is a cascaded version of the input System objects obj1, obj2,....objn. You can input multiple System objects to the function. The input System objects must be supported by the cascade method. For the list of supported System objects, see Input Arguments.


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Design a two-stage decimator by cascading dsp.CICDecimator and dsp.CICCompensationDecimator System objects.

Construct the objects

CICDecim = dsp.CICDecimator('DecimationFactor', 6, ...
                            'NumSections', 6);
fs = 16e3;     % Sampling frequency of input of compensation decimator
fPass = 4e3;   % Passband frequency
fStop = 4.5e3; % Stopband frequency
CICCompDecim = dsp.CICCompensationDecimator(CICDecim, ...
                              'DecimationFactor', 2, ...
                              'PassbandFrequency', fPass, ...
                              'StopbandFrequency', fStop, ...
                              'SampleRate', fs);

Create a cascade of the two objects using the cascade method

 FC = cascade(CICDecim, CICCompDecim);

Visualize the frequency response of the cascade

 f = fvtool(CICDecim, CICCompDecim, FC, 'Fs', [fs*6, fs, fs*6],...
        'Arithmetic', 'fixed');
 set(f, 'NormalizeMagnitudeto1', 'on');
 legend(f,'CIC Decimator','CIC Compensation Decimator', ...
             'Overall Response');

Input Arguments

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obj1, obj2,....objn are filters to be cascaded. To see the list of System objects you can pass to the cascade method, type

in the MATLAB® command prompt.

Output Arguments

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Cascaded filter, returned as a System object of type dsp.FilterCascade. For information on the properties of the filter in each stage, type info(FC) in the MATLAB command prompt.

Introduced in R2016a