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Rotate mesh about coordinate axes

Since R2020a



rotatedMesh = rotate(mesh,orient) rotate the mesh object by an orientation, orient.


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Create an extendedObjectMesh object and rotate the object.

Construct a cuboid mesh.

mesh = extendedObjectMesh('cuboid');

Rotate the mesh by 30 degrees around the z axis.

mesh = rotate(mesh,[30 0 0]);

Visualize the mesh.

ax = show(mesh);

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object contains an object of type patch.

Input Arguments

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Extended object mesh, specified as an extendedObjectMesh object.

Description of rotation for an object mesh, specified as:

  • 3-by-3 orthonormal rotation matrix

  • quaternion

  • 1-by-3 vector, where the elements are positive rotations in degrees about the z, y, and x axes, in that order.

Output Arguments

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Rotated object mesh, returned as an extendedObjectMesh object.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a