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Flight Parameters and Quaternion Math

Aerospace parameter calculations and quaternion math


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airspeedAirspeed from velocity
alphabetaIncidence and sideslip angles
correctairspeedConvert from one of other two airspeeds to equivalent airspeed (EAS), calibrated airspeed (CAS), or true airspeed (TAS)
dpressureCompute dynamic pressure using velocity and density
machnumberCompute Mach number using velocity and speed of sound
rrdeltaCompute relative pressure ratio
rrsigmaCompute relative density ratio
rrthetaCompute relative temperature ratio
quatconjCalculate conjugate of quaternion
quatdivideDivide quaternion by another quaternion
quatexpExponential of quaternion
quatinterpQuaternion interpolation between two quaternions
quatinvCalculate inverse of quaternion
quatlogNatural logarithm of quaternion
quatmodCalculate modulus of quaternion
quatmultiplyCalculate product of two quaternions
quatnormCalculate norm of quaternion
quatnormalizeNormalize quaternion
quatpowerPower of quaternion
quatrotateRotate vector by quaternion


Fundamental Coordinate System Concepts

Define coordinate systems when working with the Aerospace Toolbox software.

Coordinate Systems for Modeling

Define coordinate systems when modeling with the Aerospace Toolbox software.

Coordinate Systems for Navigation

Define coordinate systems for navigation when modeling with the Aerospace Toolbox software.

Coordinate Systems for Display

Define coordinate systems for display with the Aerospace Toolbox software.