MATLAB and Simulink for Startups

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Startups rely on MATLAB® and Simulink® to reduce technical risk and do more with limited resources. As trusted tools for engineering and scientific development, MATLAB and Simulink help startups focus on competitive differentiation and reach early-stage milestones.

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Simulate designs before implementation, automatically generate C and HDL code, and prove code safety with static analysis.

Simulate robotics systems, prototype algorithms, and connect to platforms and peripherals, all within one design environment.

Validate system-level designs in hours rather than weeks and develop smaller, more efficient devices.

Manipulate images and video with robust graphical tools, develop new algorithms, and deploy designs to embedded hardware.

Perform early verification of designs using multidomain models before investing in hardware prototypes.

Model multidomain energy systems, from wind turbines and solar cells to transmission and distribution systems.

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