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Cross products with anonymous functions
If you sure that your th will always be 1-by-n vector, you just need to put semicolons instead of comas for vertical cat: A = ...

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Format number in the same format as disp
I want to format number to the string with the same format as used by disp to output numbers. So I want to write function my_for...

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Column Removal
Remove the nth column from input matrix A and return the resulting matrix in output B. So if A = [1 2 3; 4 5 6]; ...

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Maintain shape of logical-index mask
When using logical indexing into an array, MATLAB returns a vector output. For example, if A = magic(3); mask = logi...

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Imbert-Fedorov Effect
Calculation and demonstration of Imbert-Fedorov effect for reflected light

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