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Freesurfer command in matlab
It iturns out the Matlab's shell may not respect the system shell env variables. So, to make FreeSurfer work, you can have the f...

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MATLAB implementation of (FAST) ICA decomposition of hd-sEMG signals to motor units

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Adds rug plot(s) to already created figure or subplot

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post-hoc analysis of two-way repeated measures ANOVA and multcompare() row estimate of Friedman stats
Hi, I believe for repeated mesure ANOVA, you might need to use ranova() and not anova2(). However, this function works best if ...

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Functions to digitize EEG electrode locations (eLocs) using 3D scanners and motion capture

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groupby of one column
This is about eight years late. But for anybody who may stumble upon this question, look in to findgroups function. It creates g...

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How to read data from two Arduino to Matlab ?
Hi, I guess this part of the code might cause the problem: while(strcmp(s1.TransferStatus,'read')) pause(0.01); en...

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Movefile gives unknown error upon moving .txt files
For me it was the wirte permission, so I needed to run MATLAB as admin or change the permission level of the files.

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Clustering evaluation with Silhouette extremely slow
A problem with evalclusters is that it essentially runs multiple k-means (or any other clustering algortihm) one by one, not in ...

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