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How to convert the for loop to a while loop?
Hi Avinash, I modified your code into something I believe is what you might want: A = [7 3 2 1; 2 9 4 5; 1 3 13 4; 4 5 8 14 ];...

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Delete specific columns of a table
Hi, I'm not sure I understood your question corectly, but here is an example with a matrix with 30 columns and 5 rows with ran...

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ODE45 function for 3 Variables
Hi Robsn, your StateSpaceForm function doesn't seem to exactly match the ODE in your problem. I believe it should read as follo...

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draw line in a picture
Would this work for you: hold on ax=axis; x = ax(1:2); y = ax([3 4]); %might want to change cordinates (check with 'axis o...

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Is there a way to adaptively sample 2-D surfaces ?
Hi, I have 2D-surface functions z(x,y) that I want to sample efficiently. Does matlab include any such addaptive mesh-refinemen...

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