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Storing a .mat file in mysql database
If you absolutely have to do this, you could create a BLOB column in your database table, then in matlab use the fread function ...

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adding a struct to struct array
You can skip the first assignment of the empty struct, a la clear sarray; sarray(1) = myfunc(foo); So you could just run...

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Is there a existing way to get access to a class instance structure while having access only to the object handle??
It looks to me like ebDx is a handle object, and ebDx.eBx is a uicontrol handle? (Those are awful variable names, by the way) ...

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How do I open an m-file from the command line in the current instance of the Matlab editor?
If I run the following command at the dos prompt: |"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2011a\bin\matlab.exe" -r "edit('C:\Documents\MAT...

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Plot 2- or 3- circle area-proportional Venn diagram

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